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4 Bad Habits You Have That May Be Causing Your Rodent Issues

If you have rodents, they may be coming into your home because of some bad habits that you have started doing. Sure, rodents come into your home just because they are very good at foraging for food, but there is something that is luring them into your home in particular. If you have some bad habits that are causing rodents to come to your home, there are things you can do to combat this. Read on for a few bad habits.

1. Not Wiping Down Counters/Cooking Areas

If you've recently prepared or cooked a meal and you have crumbs, spills, or grease splatters left behind, it can be a rodent's dream scenario. Rodents can feed off of these things and feed their entire colony as well. Those crumbs or splatters may not look like too much to you, but it can be wonderful for a rodent. Be sure to wipe down your counters and cooking spaces after you have eaten or prepared a meal. Remove crumbs and wipe away splatters and spills immediately.

2. Not Repairing Your Water Leaks

Don't leave a towel or a bucket below your sink to catch water that is slowly trickling out. It may seem like it won't be a problem for now, but rodents can be getting into your home just to get some water. Other pests are also going to be doing the same thing. Repair leaks, even if they are minor to prevent rodents and other pests from being lured into your home to get a drink.

3. Not Cleaning Out Drains

If you don't clean out your drains, rodents can be lured to your home to feed off of the food in these areas as well. The drain stop in your kitchen is going to trap a lot of food particles, and the inner portion of the drain is also going to catch some food particles as well. If you don't clean these areas out, rodents will get into them and eat what you have leftover for them as their meal. Remember to empty the drain stop and clean the inner drain as well.

4. Not Putting Food In Airtight Containers

If you are leaving your pet food out in the open for anything to feed off of, rodents are going to quickly find their way inside to make a meal of your pet's food. Other pests such as roaches and ants are also going to find this a great meal as well. Place pet food into sealed containers, as well as birdseed and even grass seed and fertilizers.

These are just a few bad habits you may have that could be causing your rodent problem. If you have these bad habits, make changes right away and contact a professional pest control company for help getting rid of the rodents in your home.

For more information, contact a rodent control company.