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Bed Bugs Giving You A Sleepless Night? How To Get Rid Of These Pests

Bed bugs may be present in your bed while you're sleeping, crawling around below your body on your mattress, biting your body to feed on your blood. If you are waking up with bite marks on your body, chances are pretty good that you have bed bugs. This may give you sleepless nights at the thought of tiny vampire bugs eating your blood. Before you end up with insomnia and lose your mind over these pests, there are a few things you can do to help control your bug problem. Read on for helpful tips.

Vacuum And Cover Your Mattress

First, remove all of the sheets and blankets from your bed and wash them in the hottest possible water, then dry them using the hottest dry setting your dryer has. Take your vacuum cleaner and use the upholstery attachment to vacuum your entire mattress. Also vacuum the box spring if you have one. Inspect the rails on your bed for any signs of bugs and wipe down these areas, as well as the headboard and footboard. Once you've cleaned everything thoroughly, cover your mattress and box spring with a protective cover that will keep bed bugs out of your bed. You can find these special covers at your local big-box store or at your local mattress supply store. 

Vacuum Your Room

After you have finished covering your bed and cleaning the headboard, footboard and rails, you should move the bed away from the wall and vacuum the area beneath the bed. Vacuum the carpeting around the room and also vacuum the baseboards around the room. Empty the canister outside of your home when you're finished.

Clean Beneath Your Bed

If you have a lot of belongings stored beneath your bed, inspect these items for bed bugs. Place anything you can't clean in the washer/dryer or that you cannot wipe down in a large plastic garbage bag and seal it. If you have anything else stored on the floor around the room, you should clean these items as well. Pick up belongings on the floor and remove piles of clothing or other stored items to avoid giving bed bugs a place to hide.

Wipe Everything Down

Wipe down all furniture in the room, including the undersides and along decorative edging where bed bugs can also be hiding. Wipe down baseboards and walls as well. Wall hangings, outlets, and wall switches should also be cleaned to remove bed bugs or any signs of bed bugs, such as blood or feces.

If you are waking up with bites on your body, it may be due to bed bugs. Don't lose sleep over these pests; use the tips above to help you. If you're not able to get control of these pests, hire a company that offers pest control services for help to prevent a bed bug infestation in your home.