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Do You Think You Have Bed Bugs? Now What?

Some of the scariest words to hear as a parent, homeowner, or landlord can be summed up in two simple words: bed bugs. These tiny insects can come into your home through imperceptible means and then proceed to drive you, your family, and even your animals insane with tiny bites while you sleep. Unfortunately, if you don't address the issue, bed bugs can multiply quickly and spread to other comforts of the home. So, with an understanding of how awful bed buds can be, what can be done to get them under control?

1. Discover Them Right Away

In addition to finding bites on your body every morning, one way you can check for bed bugs is to look at your mattress. If you have a large infestation you will likely find either bugs, skins that have been shed, or black dots on your mattress. These black dots are not from smashing bed bugs, as some people may hypothesize. In reality, black marks on your mattress are stains from bed bug excrement. Once you have found proof of bed bugs, you need to move on to trying to contain them. 

2. Contain and Clean Contaminated Goods

If you have bed bugs in your bed, it is hard to be sure that it has not spread elsewhere in your home. For example, you may also find bed bugs in your clothes, couch, carpets, or chairs. Thoroughly check all of these things. If possible, put all of your clothes, sheets, or bedding into plastic bags and then systematically work to rid them of these insects. If you continue to find bites on your person, you need to seek professional help. 

3. Take Control

Bed bugs can be killed by heat, cold, or chemicals. Many individuals who attempt it on their own simply throw all of their clothes in the dryer and put it on the highest setting. This can work. Placing your zip-locked possessions in the freezer for several days can also work. However, the most effective method is by getting professional help with using chemicals. It's time to work with bed bug control services. 

In conclusion, if you think you may have bed bugs, you are in for a fight. It is a good idea to get some professionals on your side in order to simplify the process and give you a better chance at success. Talk to pest control professionals in your area for more information.