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Bed Bug Treatment

Whether it is something that you are aware of or not, bed bugs are a problem all over the world. They have existed for thousands of years, with documentation pointing to their origination in ancient caves where both humans and bats lived in the Middle East, and then to the ancient Egyptians who used them to treat snake bites.

They were soon found to not have any beneficial qualities, however. They exist solely to eat and breed, surviving on any warm-blooded mammal they can find. They do have a preference for humans, it seems and get their name from the fact that they often are found in or around beds. They are attracted to these places by body heat and the carbon dioxide humans exhale.

Bed bugs are expert hitchhikers and can be brought into your home from a wide array of places — libraries, public transportation, hotels, daycares, etc. They are also often found on secondhand furniture. If you are currently facing a bedbug infestation, it is likely that they hitchhiked on another person or item that was in a location with an existing infestation.

Getting rid of the parasite is not an easy task. If you are lucky enough to catch a bed bug infestation early, it is possible to use an at-home treatment to rid your home of them. There are several products on the market that claim to be able to stop an infestation, as well as several home remedies. 

To prevent the problem from escalating, it is often more beneficial to hire a professional exterminator upon discovery of an infestation. A licensed professional has the knowledge and expertise to fully treat an infestation, lessening the likelihood of a resurgence of the issue after the treatment has been applied. Many will also offer a treatment plan, where they come out more than once to make sure the infestation is in fact gone or offer a guarantee on the treatment.

The severity of the issue will determine what method is used — chemical or heat. Both methods are effective in the treatment and eradication of the pest from your home. 

With a chemical treatment, you will be required to empty all drawers in the home and pull everything off of the bed and away from the walls so everything can be sprayed — bed bugs will not only live in your bed but will also hide in any crack or crevice they can find.

For a heat treatment, you will be required to remove anything that may melt or be damaged in an extremely hot environment, as well as moving things away from the walls like with the chemical treatment. 

Regardless of the type of treatment, hiring a professional to treat these pests is the most effective way to rid your home of an infestation. Contact a company that offers bed bug control services to learn more.