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Pros and Cons of Mosquito Misting Systems

Do you and your family enjoy spending a lot of time outside? If the answer is yes, then you are probably used to the frustration of mosquitos while you are outside. With a mosquito misting system, you can greatly reduce the number of mosquitos in your yard. This system is used by people who want to enjoy time outdoors without dealing with mosquito bites the following day, but there are a few good and bad things to consider before purchasing one. Here are the pros and cons of using an automated mosquito misting system

Pro — Easy Installation

One thing homeowners love about mosquito misting systems is how simple they are to install in your yard. Once the system is installed, there is very little upkeep on your end and you will more than likely even forget that it is there! This is a much easier solution to treating for mosquitos than having to spray your children and yourself every time you want to go outside

Con — Kills All Insects

The chemicals that are sprayed out of your automated mosquito misting system are harmful to all types of bugs. While this might seem like a positive feature, it can kill the good bugs that you want to have around, such as bees. If you are wanting to treat just mosquitos, then another bug-killing system might be better for you. The mist will take out any bug that comes in its path, including mosquitos, so it is effective if that is what you are looking for.

Pro — Effective Solution

If you are tired of getting mosquito bites while you are trying to enjoy your time outside, then an automated mosquito misting system is perfect for you because when it is in use, the mosquitos do not stand a chance of survival. Mosquitos can carry very dangerous diseases and leave you with itchy bites the following day, so the peace of mind that you do not have to worry about any bug bites is worth the investment in your mosquito misting system.

Con — Can Spray Too Many Chemicals

Depending on where you have your system set up, it can spray too many chemicals where you do not need them. When pesticides are sprayed into the yard, it can be harmful to pets. With proper monitoring of your system, you can control when and where the chemicals are sprayed and only aim it for a targeted area of your backyard.