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Do You Have A Fly Problem? Here's What Your Pest Control Specialist Can Do

Flies in the home are annoying at best and can be entirely pesky and gross at worst. If you seem to have a fly problem no matter what you do, it's time to call a pest control specialist. This is a specialist who works with all kinds of unwanted intruders in the home, from rodents to mosquitoes to flies. Here are things you can expect your pest control specialist to do, and you'll also learn ways you can keep flies at bay in the future.

Use the right fly removal remedies

Depending on whether you have animals in the home, how bad your fly infestation is, what is causing your fly problem, and how you want to eradicate the pests, your pest control specialist can provide a series of fly removal remedies for you. Common remedies include fogging the home to get rid of multiple indoor flies, placing fly-killing pellets on the ground to kill flies before they get inside, using a spray to kill nearby flies, or using sticky and electric traps to kill flies.

Show you how to keep flies away

The best way to keep flies away is to know how to repel them. Your pest control specialist is skilled in knowing just how to not only repel flies, but how to keep your home from being a welcome place for them. Your pest control specialist can show you certain plants you can put in your yard to repel flies — like sweet basil or lavender — how to keep doors and windows fly-proof, and how to purchase at-home traps, electronic killers, and other things to reduce fly populations in the future.

Show you what caused your fly problem

Do you live by a farm or have backyard pets? This can attract flies, as can having fruit trees with rotting fruit on the ground. Your pest control specialist can help you pinpoint why you have flies in the first place so you can get a more custom treatment plan for removal.

Keep in mind that flies just happen to be worse for everyone at certain times of the year, like late summer or early fall, when it's warm but not incredibly hot. However, your pest control specialist is happy to assist you in getting the best of these disease-carrying creatures.

If your fly problem is not improving despite your best efforts, call a pest control specialist right away. Before long, you should be able to get your fly problem under control.