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3 Animals You Really Should Have Removed From Your Land

Most people enjoy being able to look out their windows and see some wildlife from time to time. You may enjoy watching the birds flit about or watch the squirrels stash nuts for the winter. But some wildlife can be more destructive than adorable. If you have any of these three animals resting or nesting on your land, it is best to have them removed.


Groundhogs may not initially seem like a nuisance. They are slow, lumbering animals and are actually pretty cute with their furry tails and round faces. However, groundhogs build extensive tunnels below ground, and this causes a lot of damage to landscaping. A tunnel may cave in, creating a pit that is a tripping hazard. Groundhogs also tend to eat garden vegetables and flowers, which can be a nuisance. A professional wildlife service can come trap and rehome a groundhog. The good news is that they are solitary animals, so usually if you are only seeing one in your yard, there is only one groundhog to have trapped. Once the animal is removed, you should locate and fill in any holes in the ground that the groundhog left behind.


Obviously, you do not want skunks on your land. Not only may they spray your dog or cat, but they may also spray you if you surprise them in the middle of the night. Plus, skunks are known to carry rabies, which is a deadly viral disease that can be passed on to most mammals — including you.

Skunks like to live in woodpiles, old sheds, and brushy areas. However, they have also been known to move into basements and garages, particularly as the weather grows colder in the fall. A pro can trap them and sedate them so that they do not end up spraying and creating a nasty odor on their way out.


Raccoons are also a carrier of rabies, and they are very destructive. They can tear apart roofs, window frames, and other building materials with their hands and teeth. They've also been known to get into trash cans and leave the trash scattered around the yard. Wildlife control services can trap them quickly before they breed or move into your actual home.

If you are seeing a lot of raccoons, skunks, or a groundhog on your land, then it is a good idea to call a wildlife removal company. While these animals all have their places in the ecosystem, they shouldn't be in your yard.

Reach out to a local wildlife removal service today for more information.