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Keeping the Pests Where They Belong Where do ants, cockroaches, and mice have in common? They are all pests that belong inside, but that love to venture inside your home. If you do see them inside, you need to take action fast — because this is not where they should be! Pests are not just a nuisance. They can spread disease, destroy your insulation and other building materials, and leave nasty smells behind. Every homeowner should know the basics about pest control. Yes, you can call in a professional as needed, but knowing the basics will still help you keep the pests outside where they belong. You can learn those basics right here on this blog.



Effectively Battling A Cockroach Infestation In Your Business' Building

If you are a business owner, and your building has become overrun with cockroaches, treating the problem quickly and thoroughly is extremely important. Here are steps to take to get your business back on track while remaining pest-free.

Close Your Business To Treat The Problem

It is best to temporarily cease the conducting of business from the infested building until the insect invasion has been thwarted. if you had customer visits planned, contact each person to reschedule appointments. Consider having employees work from home until you are able to get the cockroach infestation under control. If you contact a professional pest control service to assist, it is best that no one is present within the building as chemical agents are sometimes needed to completely eradicate a cockroach problem.

Remove Paper Stacks From The Area

Cockroaches are known to congregate in places where paper or paper products are kept as they tend to gnaw upon substances with a cellulose base. Because of this, it is imperative to remove loose paper items from inside your business. Any stacks of paperwork need to be taken out of the building or placed inside plastic storage bins for safekeeping. Documents kept inside file cabinets in your business are also at risk, so removing this paperwork to store outside the building for a short term is helpful to completely eliminate cockroaches.

Make Your Business Undesirable To Pests

Cockroaches utilize the interiors of buildings to remain warm and to stay sustained with food and water. If you take away these amenities, they are less likely to take up residence in your establishment. If employees keep meals or snacks on the premises, ask that they place them in a refrigerator or sealed plastic containers so cockroaches are not able to locate them easily. Cockroaches especially enjoy sugary water, so keep on top of recycling soda containers and wash out coffee mugs daily. During the hours your business is not operating, drop the heat level to make the interior less desirable for pests.

Take Time To Evaluate The Building

After you have a pest control service take care of a cockroach problem, you do not want these insects returning. Check over the entire exterior of your building for areas where pests are able to get inside. If you notice deteriorating pieces of siding, gaps around windows or doors, or cracked panes of glass, hire a repair service to tend to these areas so pests are not as likely to push their way to your building's interior. Contact a pest control service for more information.