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Effective Flea Removal Often Requires Treatments From A Pest Control Company

Fleas are often a common nuisance when you have pets, but sometimes fleas can get out of control. A heavy flea infestation can make you and your pets miserable, and your pets' health could be in danger due to diseases they can get from flea bites. Plus, it can be embarrassing to have a flea problem in your home. Here are some tips for eliminating fleas with the help of a veterinarian, pest control company, and things you can do yourself.

Vacuum Daily Until Fleas Are Gone

If you have a light infestation, you might get it under control with vacuuming since a vacuum picks up fleas in all stages of their life cycle. If your infestation is heavy, you'll get rid of a lot of fleas every time you vacuum since they like to hide out in the carpet, especially in areas where your pets spend time on the floor.

Wash Pet Bedding Weekly

You may want to throw out your pets' bedding if it's heavily infested and buy new bedding that's easy to machine wash in hot water. Wash the bedding about once a week, or even more often, until the infestation is cleared up. Since fleas will be heaviest in areas where your pets spend the most time, washing your pets' bedding will get rid of many fleas, eggs, and larvae.

Work With A Veterinarian

Your pets need flea treatments so that they won't be miserable. Likewise, treating your pets also helps eliminate your flea problem. Your vet can prescribe flea treatments for dogs, cats, and ferrets. If you have other pets, such as birds or reptiles, talk to your vet about how to protect them or treat them for flea bites since standard flea treatments might be harmful to them.

Get Flea Removal Treatments

A pest control company can treat your home and yard to get rid of fleas. You may be given instructions on how to prepare your home first to eliminate hiding places for fleas so the treatments are the most effective. Professional treatments can kill fleas quickly, but new fleas could hatch out later and require another application. Most treatments kill adults and some treatments also work on fleas during other stages of their life cycle to end the infestation more quickly.

A pest control company can spray residual pesticides outdoors, too. They may not spray your entire yard since fleas tend to stay in the shade. Instead, they might focus on areas under shade trees or under your deck where there is shade and where your pets are likely to hang out. You and your pets may need to leave your home for a few hours while your house and yard are being treated.

Once your pets have been treated for fleas and your home has had professional pest treatments, the major part of your battle with the fleas should be over. However, the pest control company may still want you to vacuum frequently and wash pet bedding often to kill off stray fleas and keep another infestation from developing. Contact a flea removal service for more information.