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Top Rodent Control Tactics For City Homes

Rodents are a problem in the city, in the country, and in the suburbs. However, how you control rodents should vary based on the type of area you're living in. For instance, the advice to locate crop fields further from your home may really help someone control mice in the country — but to city dwellers, that advice is meaningless! Here are some top rodent control tactics that will be useful if you live in the city.

Make sure your home is well sealed.

In the city, where homes are close together, there is a good chance one of your neighbors or someone down the street does have an active rodent infestation at any given time. Once the population of rodents grows past a certain point, those rodents will begin looking for new places to move in and build nests. The harder it is for them to get into your home, the less likely they are to select your home as their new residence. So, make sure your home is well sealed. Replace any damaged weatherstripping, fill any cracks in your foundation walls, patch any holes in your roof eaves, and so forth. Check your home over once a season so that any new access points don't go unaddressed for too long.

Keep your trash contained.

A key reason why rodents proliferate so quickly in the city is that they have lots of food available. But this does not have to be the case. You can contain your trash to ensure rodents don't access it. In doing so, you'll help keep the overall rodent population down, which will, in turn, lower your risk of an infestation. Don't just put a lid on your trash can; stronger rodents can weasel their way under it. Put a cinder block on top. Also, never set a bag of trash next to or on top of a trash can. Any rodent can chew right through a plastic bag!

Set a few traps.

Buy a couple of rat traps and a couple of mouse traps. Set them up in your basement, crawl space, attic, and other places where you suspect rodents may enter. This way, if a rodent does come into your home, you can hopefully trap it before it invites any friends along. Finding a rodent in the trap is also an indicator that you need to check over your home and seal it up better.

When you live in the city, there are almost always some rodents around. The secret is to keep them out of your home, and if you do find them in your home, call a pest control company like ProBest Pest Management promptly.