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Got A Lot Of Geese Coming Around? 3 Tips To Keep Them Under Control

If you have geese that constantly get in your yard, this can be frustrating as they can leave a mess behind. Fortunately, there are things you can do to get this problem under control, three of which are listed below.

Hire a Pest Control Company

You can hire a pest control company that provides geese control to help you with this problem. The contractor will first walk around your property to determine why the geese are coming there. If you have a body of water nearby, this is one of the main reasons. This may be a pond, a river, or a lake. If it is a small pond, you should remove it from your property.  The contractor will also look to see if you have any food that geese can get to as this will draw them to your property. The pest control company will likely use a geese repellant product to keep geese away. They will also have other methods they use, which they can go over with you.

Change Flat Areas

If you have a large flat area on your land, this gives geese an area to come to. You can take care of this by putting things on this land, such as growing trees, a flower garden with garden furniture, etc. If the geese see an area that is full of landscaping, furniture, etc., they will likely not go there.  

Change the Way You Mow

Geese love young, tender grass to eat, and this will draw them in. Do not mow your lawn as often as overgrown grass will most likely deter them. You could also set your lawnmower setting so it does not cut close to the ground so you can keep your yard mowed but still prevent the geese from getting to the young grass.

Use Scare Tactics

There are many scare tactics that you can use that will not harm the geese but scare them enough that they will stay away. You can purchase a noise machine in the area, put a recording of dogs barking, and there are scare balloons that you can purchase.

This should only be a temporary option, however, as this will most likely take a lot of time for you to keep up with. This is because you would have to repeatedly keep up with it, making sure the noise machine is working, the recording is turned on, putting out balloons, etc. 

The pest control company can give you much more information on how to control geese. Contact a goose control service, such as Goose Masters, to learn more.