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5 Ways To Keep The Bed Bugs Away After Pest Control Treatment

If you recently had a pest control specialist come out to your home and eliminate bed bugs, you will want to take steps to ensure that they don't come back. Keeping bed bugs at bay requires you to change how you take care of your home to ensure that the bed bugs stay away. 

1. Keep Stuff Off the Floor 

First, you are going to want to keep stuff off the floor. Don't throw your clothing onto the ground when you are done wearing it. Instead, put it inside a hamper. Likewise, don't stack clean clothing on the floor. Rather, try to hang it up or put it inside of dressers. If a wayward bedbug happens to be walking around on the floor, it can latch onto your clothing and then make its way into your dresser or closet when you put that item away.  

2. Don't Store Items Under the Bed 

Second, you shouldn't store items under your bed as well. Storing items under your bed creates more spaces for bed bugs to hide and hang out near your mattress. By putting items under your bed, you could unknowingly have an infestation on your hands, just lurking under your bed. If you put items under your bed, store them inside sealed plastic containers that will keep the bed bugs away, as they can't easily crawl on smooth surfaces. 

3. Encase Your Mattress 

Third, as bed bugs can't walk easily on smooth surfaces, you should encase your mattress in a dust mite-proof encasement. It is a smooth barrier that will keep the bed bugs away from your mattress and/or box spring.  

4. Wash Sheets Weekly 

Not washing your sheets regularly creates the perfect opportunity for bugs to thrive. That is why you should remove your sheets regularly and wash them in the hottest possible water. This will kill any bed bugs and their eggs before an infestation spreads. Regular hot water sheet washing is a great preventative measure to take.  

5. Vacuum Regularly

Finally, you should vacuum your bedroom regularly. This is a great way to catch stray bed bugs. Just make sure when you empty the bag or container for your vacuum that you do so outside and away from your home.  

If you have just worked with a pest control specialist to eradicate the bed bugs in your home, your job is not done. You need to engage in behavior that will keep the bed bugs at bay, such as keeping stuff off the floor, not storing items under the bed, using plastic containers, encasing your mattress and box spring in a protective measure, washing your sheets regularly in hot water, and vacuuming regularly. These behaviors will allow you to keep bed bugs away and kill any stray bugs as well. Contact a bed bug control company to learn more.