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Termites? What Is Attracting Them To Your Home

Termites are a subterranean pest that can wreak havoc on your home if they are infesting it. These pests have come to your home because something is attracting them to it. They may have arrived from a neighboring home, or from elsewhere, but something around your home has attracted them to your house. If you have termites, you need to find what has attracted them so you can prevent another infestation from occurring. Read on for a few things that may be attracting them and what you can do to get rid of them.

Rotten Trees

If you have rotten trees, you need to get rid of them. Rotten trees can be attracting these pests to your home. If you own a tree that is dead or rotting away, you need to have it removed from your yard. Have it cut down and burned or just removed completely. The moist, rotten wood is going to be good eating for these pests. They will chew through the wood and will continue to feast off of it until there is nothing left, and then they will come to your home or to your garage or shed and feast there as well.

Firewood Piles

If you have a firewood pile that is stacked closely to your home, it can be a lure for termites. The firewood may be exposed to weather and the moist wood will attract these pests. If you have firewood, you need to be sure you stack it far away from your home and you need to be sure you keep it covered to protect it from the weather.

Water Leaks

Water leaks could be attracting termites to your home. If you have termites, you should check around your home to see if you have any water leaks. If there are leaks from a broken pipe, or if you have leaks from a hole in your roof or you have leaks for other reasons, you should make the necessary repairs to prevent any more leaks or water damage to your home.

Mulch In Your Garden Beds

Mulch in your garden beds can create a nice, tasty treat for termites. The mulch can hold in moisture, and if it's sitting close to the foundation of your home, it can be attractive to termites. You should get rid of the mulch and use rock instead to help drain water and to prevent too much moisture.

If you have termites, it means something around your home is attracting them there. You need to find the source of their food and what may be attracting them to help you exterminate them from your home. Hire a professional termite control company to exterminate these pests for you.