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4 Ways To Tell That You Could Be Dealing With A Termite Problem

If you want to keep your home safe from damage, you should take quick action when you discover a termite issue. It will help if you address termite infestation on time to avoid significant damage to your house. Remember that the damage from these evasive pests is sometimes difficult to spot, and insurance companies don't typically cover such damage. So, if you want to safeguard your home from the critters, look out for signs of their presence. Here are a few notable indicators.

You Notice Discarded Wings or Swarmers On Your Property

Discarded wings on your property indicate a potential termite problem. You should know that termites swarm, particularly in spring, before shedding their wings. However, it's usually easy to confuse these pests with flying ants, but they have distinct differences. For instance, flying ants have varying wing sizes, and their bodies are segmented. On the other hand, termites typically have wings of the same size, and their bodies are unsegmented.

You See Termite Waste On Your Property

If you come across termite waste (frass) on your property, it's likely due to termite activity. Frass is typically wood-colored, and you can easily mistake it for sawdust. In most cases, you'll see holes close to the area with the termite dropping. You can also smell it, as it usually gives a moldy smell.

You Notice Quiet Click Noises From Your Walls

Low-tone clicking noises coming from behind your walls can also signify a termite problem. Generally, termites shake their bodies or hit their head on the wood whenever their colonies are disturbed, consequently producing clicking sounds. Additionally, worker termites make a lot of noise as they chew through wood.

You Have Difficulties Closing or Opening Your Door

If your doors and windows have wooden frames and they suddenly fail to open or close as they should, you likely have a termite problem. You should know that increased termite activity can cause the frames to expand, making it difficult to conveniently open or close them. This is the case if your home is infested by subterranean termites, which typically emit more moisture than other termites. Besides difficulties operating your door, you may notice other signs of termite activity, like wood damage or frass.

You should address termite problems immediately as they arise. You need to take proactive steps, like seeking timely termite control services, to avoid having to deal with extensive damage in your home.

Reach out to a termite control company to learn more.