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You May Need Residential Pest Control Services If A Leaky Pipe Attracts Bugs To Your Home

You probably know it's important to control humidity and excess moisture in your home to prevent water damage, mold, rot, and rust. You may not realize that too much moisture can also attract bugs and make your problems even worse.

If you have a drip under a sink, you might be attracting bugs to your kitchen. Once an infestation takes hold, you may need a residential pest control company to eliminate the pests. Here are pests that love damp living conditions.


Roaches like wet and damp areas. That's one reason they like to live under the kitchen sink and under the refrigerator. You don't want roaches in your kitchen, so the first step is to fix the leak and then you can call a residential pest control company to get rid of the roaches.


Termites love rotting wood. If your home has water damage such as a rotting floor or lower cabinet due to a water drip, the wet wood could attract termites. You may never see the termites, but they can work to destroy your home silently. If you see signs of their activity, you should call a pest professional right away so they can verify the presence of termites and begin treatments.


Silverfish love humid living conditions. If you see a lot of silverfish in your house, you probably have a leak or too much humidity. These pests may not come out in the open, but if you have a pile of books, papers, or magazines on the floor, they may be full of silverfish. Silverfish like to hide among documents and cardboard.

They are quite destructive, and they can ruin valuable documents and photographs, so you don't want these pests in your home. Your pest control company may spray to eliminate silverfish or use traps to collect and kill them.


Some, but not all, spiders like to live where it's humid. Also, since humid conditions attract a lot of other pests, the spiders have plenty of food available. If you start seeing spiders, call a pest control company for help since spiders can be difficult to get rid of.

Pest control products work, but spiders have long legs, so they can walk over pesticides without getting them on their bodies. The pest control professional needs to get creative so the spiders come in contact with the residual spray.


Like silverfish, if you see many springtails in your home, it could be a sign of a water leak. These little pests love to live around water, so a drip could attract them to your home. Drying out your home might be enough to cause the springtails to move on, but if not, a residential pest control professional might apply treatments. They may apply treatments around the perimeter of your home to keep all kinds of bugs out so you can enjoy pest-free living again once you've stopped the leak and dried your home.